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Unit 1.1 - Aug. 31- Sept. 4, 2020

action, bonds, chance, confident, doctor, example, follow, grand, happen, humanity, longing, outstanding, possible, talent, tasks, a while, awhile, accept, except

Unit 1.2 - Sept. 8-Sept. 11

advice, bothered, busybody, common, conference, dollars, honest, jobless, manage, model, onward, problem, promise, satisfy, transform, you're, your, eye, I

Unit 1.3 - Sept. 14-18

awful, citizen, conduct, decision, disagree, establish, hectic, inquire, interrupt, opinion, results, submit, success, suggestion, witness, could have, should have, would have, might have


Unit 1.4 - Sept. 21-25

approach, catch, change, charming,chosen, coach, ditch, itching, latch, pitched, pouches, reach, riches, searching, watchful, this, these, that, those

Unit 2.1 - Sept. 28-Oct. 2

central, connect, correction, element, enemy, everywhere, exception, exist, insect, messy, pester, several, stem, upset, whenever, ant, aunt, deer, dear

Unit 2.2 - Oct. 6-9

attack, buck, clash, flesh, livestock, quickness, shallow, sharpen, shed, shout, sickness, speckled, thrash, tricky, vanish, blew, blue, fir, fur

Unit 2.3- Oct. 12- Oct. 6

although, belong, during, feathers, fitting, nothing, rather, springing, strength, stung, surroundings, therefore, thorny, throughout, together, neither, nor, either, or

Unit 2.4 - Oct. 19-23

claws, clumps, consist, drank, entrap, grunt, hound, pleasant, refresh, result, sleek, smear, sneak, stray, trend, be, bee, hair, hare

Unit 3.1 - Oct. 26-29, 2020

armload, beaming, carefree, clover, delight, event, feature, fiber, greenhouse, local, odor, peanut, potato, tidal, zebra, heal, heel, he'll

Unit 3.2 - Nov. 2-6

autumn, bamboo, couple, entrance, familiar, greenery, hobby, magnify, ordinary, poison, powder, properly, recognize, scatter, separate, berry, bury, beet, beat

Unit 3.3 - Nov. 9-13, 2020

alive, awaken, decorate, entire, grape, hike, lonely, mole, prune, quite, roses, spruce, stake, twice, volume, rose, rows, die, dye

Unit 3.4 - Nov. 16-20

acres, bananas, branches, bulbs, bunches, bushes, carrots, floods, labels, meadows, melons, messes, patterns, recesses, speeches, sew, so, sow


BONUS - Nov. 23-24

typical, curb, though, through, thought, what, when, where, why, how, said, they

Unit  4.1- Nov. 30 - Dec. 4

daydream, exclaim, failure, gains, mainly, painful, payment, playful, raising, saint, straight, stray, unpaid, vain, x-ray, lay, lie, plane, plain


Unit 4.2 - Dec. 7-11

appeal, asleep, beast, borrow, cheap, follower, healing, lowered, meek, overthrow, repeat, roam, teenager, tomorrow, unload, raise, rays, son, sun

Unit 4.3 - Dec. 14-18

arranged, blessed, calmed, comforted, commanded, completed, eased, emptied, included, joined, opposed, planted, pitied, provided, worried, some, sum, we'd, weed


Unit 4.4 - Jan. 4-8, 2021

announcing, attending, beautifying, collecting, considering, doubling, educating, erasing, forgiving, gathering, hiring, mistreating, notifying, realizing, spreading, bring, take, where, were


Unit 5.1 - Jan. 27-31

dried, flashlight, flight, fried, frightful, higher, lied, lightly, nightmare, pried, sigh, slightly, sunlight, tried, untied, die, dye, cell, sell


Unit 5.2 - Feb. 3-7

blue, clues, cue, due, flue, fruits, glue, juice, pursuit, revenue, sue, suits, true, value, virtue, guessed, guest, hole, whole

Unit 5.3 - Feb. 10-14

alarm, article, beginner, birth, burning, burst, churn, harden, observe, scorch, sorting, squirt, stir, stormy, whirl, peak, peek, sea, see


Unit 5.4 - Feb. 18-21

affairs, bearing, beard, clear, deer, disappear, dreary, gear, pairs, peered, rear, smear, upstairs, wears, yearly, ate, eight, faze, phase


Unit 6.1 - Feb. 24-28

adore, artworks, birthday, border, chorus, circle, current, margin, murmur, nervous, normal, purple, usher, verses, version, acts, ax, hour, our


Unit 6.2 - March 2-6

community, cycle, diary, everybody, family, glory, identify, library, memory, rhymes, style, supply, worry, yourself, youthful, chance, chants, chord, cord

Unit 6.3 - March 9-13

appoint, coins, countdown, crowd, enjoyable, loudly, noisy, ourselves, proud, rejoice, rowdy, royal, tryout, voice, vowel, rap, wrap, read, reed

Unit 6.4 - March 16-20

anew, author, awe, choose, crew, faulty, gradual, herald, mood, original, overall, pauses, recalls, whoop, withdrawn, role, roll, vary, very


Bonus Unit - March 23-25

Missouri, they, said, does, where, were, we're


SPRING BREAK - March 26-27

Unit 7.1 - March 30-April 3

against, arctic, average, canyon, cyclone, dangerous, distance, exciting, fierce, gigantic, gully, iceberg, regular, secure, surface, soar, sore, weather, whether

Unit 7.2 - April 6-10

brook, columns, comb, footsteps, heirs, hooked, knapsack, kneel, knowledge, raspberry, reign, salmon, ugh, wrinkled, knew, new, gnu

Unit 7.3 - April 13-17

actual, adventure, apparent, atop, behold, century, colorful, major, pollute, population, rumble, shadow, tender, terror, unusual, meet, meat, pour, pore

Unit 7.4 - April 20-24

atmosphere, blizzard, construct, continue, destroy, effort, explode, garden, happened, inspect, jungle, mountain, outdoors, sudden, windy

Unit 8.1 - April 27-May 1

recall, recount, reform, replay, reset, restate, rethink, rewrite, uncertain, unconcerned, uncovered, undecided, unexpected, unfinished, untangle, weak, week, theirs, there's



Unit 8.2 - April 29-May 3

difficulty, endless, falsely, generally, happily, helpful, luckily, orderly, restless, speedy, spotless, truthful, wonderful, wordy, useful, can't, hardly, scarcely


Unit 8.3 - May 6-10

about, above, again, anybody, apart, around, avoid, brainy, buckle, bumpy, chuckle, cocky, crafty, fickle, heckle, way, weigh, steal, steel

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